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Non-Hazardous Waste

How to know if you have Non-Hazardous Waste (aka Residual Waste)?

Nearly everything we do leaves behind some kind of waste. Understanding how your waste is generated is an important factor in determining whether waste can be considered Non-Hazardous. GemChem has the experience and industry knowledge that can determine if your waste is Non-Hazardous and how it needs to be disposed of.

Examples of non-hazardous waste…

  • Blasting Media
  • Coolants
  • Dyes
  • Glue Adhesives
  • Imaging Oils
  • Ink
  • Latex/Water-Based Paint
  • Non-Friable Asbestos Containing Material
  • Obsolete Products
  • Oil/Water Solution
  • Oil Filters
  • Oily Rags
  • Petroleum Contaminated Soil
  • High FP Presswash
  • RCRA Empty Drums/Containers
  • Soil/Rock from Well Drilling
  • UV Coatings
  • Wash Bay Water/Sludge
  • Waste Oil

Still not sure what type of waste you’re dealing with?

Talk to an expert

We will characterize your waste!

Let the experts at GemChem help you characterize and properly classify your waste for proper disposal.

Visit the EPA website

Environmental Protection Agency

Additional information regarding Regulatory guidelines on Hazardous waste can be found on the EPA website.