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Hazardous Waste

Our drivers are trained and licensed for handling hazardous waste. We utilize hazardous waste manifests to properly track the waste until it reaches its final destination.

Non-Hazardous Waste

GemChem will the transport residual/non-hazardous, and universal waste to our facility where it is stored, processed and eventually shipped to its final destination.

Whatever your waste transport needs GemChem has a solution! Sealed roll-offs, bulk tankers, vacuum trucks, full trailer loads or less than a truckload.

Our transporting activities are primarily to support the services we provide to our customers. We will pick up and transport waste from our customer’s facility for proper processing, storage, or disposal.

GemChem is a licensed hazardous and residual waste transporter in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. We transport all waste in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. GemChem, Inc. strictly follows all EPA & DOT Regulations regarding labeling, marking, placarding, & proper containers.

Let’s talk about transporting industrial waste!