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Waste Characterization

Learning about your waste

Prior to off-site disposal, the waste needs to be properly characterized to determine if the waste is deemed Hazardous, Universal, or Non-Hazardous. GemChem provides this service to our customers utilizing our extensive knowledge that includes understanding generator process’s, SDS review, and/or lab analysis. By studying the lab results of samples taken at your site, GemChem will characterize your waste and develop a comprehensive plan for the transportation and disposal of the waste your company generates.

Examples of Industrial Waste Generators/Processes

  • Automotive/Mechanic
  • Custom Cabinet Mfg
  • Energy & Fuel Suppliers
  • Environmental Consulting Firms
  • Extruder/Extrusion
  • Foundry/Casting
  • Furniture Mfg
  • Highway/Equipment Industry
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Machining
  • Manufacturing
  • Plating
  • Printing
  • School Districts/Universities
  • State & Local Municipalities
  • Textile
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Woodworking